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About Us

Most Nigerian/African established media houses have compromised in their reports, and have either continued to maintain silence or remained unjust in the face of misgovernance and corruption going on in Nigeria/Africa. Global Reporters (GR) was a concept conceived and delivered to satisfy the intense desire of many disappointed voiceless Nigerians/Africans yearning for the opportunity of fair hearing and fearless reports.

Unity in diversity is our strength, because our policy is that our medium is a medium of the people, by the people, and for the people. Consequently, some of our writers who are experts in their various fields scattered around the globe are not trained journalists, but concerned conscience reporters who are united for a common interest in better societies.

We identify with the needy and oppressed, and work for humanity and mankind.

GR is a dependable independent online registered media company, politically neutral and non-partisan. It will be deep in opinions of people about what is going on in their environments.


Our Mission

To give people the opportunity of expression

To educate, inform and empower people through accurate reports to courageously stand up in the face of tyranny and Armageddon and maintain social equilibrium

To impartially and fearlessly report issues as they are and remain resolute and just in the face of threat

To be the voice of the people

To bridge the information gap between Nigerian/African/world political leaders, the established media houses and people from an African perspective

To promote and create the awareness that justice and equality as the foundation of peace and security should be upheld as sacrosanct to human race

To take our destiny in our own hands

To dig out and expose corruption, injustice and all ill hidden secrets possible to the public glare and scrutiny

To promote African culture


Our Vision

Our vision is to see:

Tolerance in the world

Women empowered, children protected, social and economical freedom guaranteed, general development and moral values in all nations promoted and ensured.

Total emancipation of innocent helpless people held captive in all nations, and freedom of speech to all within the law without prejudice and discrimination

End of oppressive laws and anarchy

Respect for the dignity of mankind, and justice to all



Note: Any publication whether article, photo, video or press release published under Opinion or in any of our categories like Politics, Terrorism, Religion, General or News etc., but labeled with opinion is solely the author’s or pseudonym’s view(s) and does/do not in anyway represent Global Reporters (GR) – the accuracy and reliability of such expression GR cannot vouch for, and cannot be held responsible.

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